Green Features

Aimed at minimising solar heat gain, CapitaGreen houses a large expanse of greenery as well as sky terraces on Levels 14 and 26, while its innovative and stunning façade employs energy-efficient double-skin high-performance glass and extensive vertical greenery. To irrigate the building’s plants, it will harness innovative water-saving techniques such as rainwater harvesting.

A cool void at the centre core of the property permits air flow throughout the building, effectively regulating the building’s temperature. At the same time, the building’s high floor-to-ceiling height of 3.2 metres allows for natural lighting to permeate the space, thus creating a sense of spaciousness.

“This office tower presents fresh opportunities to develop a city centre which is at the cutting edge of sustainable design. It is a green building both physically and environmentally. I am pleased that the joint developers fully support the Government’s initiatives to improve energy efficiency in our buildings and enhance greenery in Singapore” Mr Tan Chuan-Jin – Minister of State for National Development and Manpower

Key Features:
• Estimated energy savings: 4,563,420 kWh/yr; estimated water savings: 34,536 m3/yr; ETTV: 37.13 W/m2
• Tropical façade design with low-e glass to reduce solar heat gain
• Highly efficient chillers and zoning to reduce energy consumption
• Motion sensors for staircases and toilets
• Photosensors for offices and sun pipes at restaurants and gym
• Extensive vertical greenery to reduce urban heat gain
• Cool void to reduce energy consumption
• Recovery of demolition materials for recycling

green features

green feautes